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Power Washing

4730527302_8c3bc41043_bHave a roof, deck or home that’s in need of power washing?
We have a fully equipped power wash truck that can handle any power washing needs!

We can power wash cedar homes, homes with vinyl siding, anything from residential to commercial. Wanting to stain your deck? We can power wash it to prep for that new paint and stain. Roofs can be power washed as well! This will make your home or business look like new.

There are a number of reasons why cleaning the exterior of your house and surroundings should be a regular component of a routine maintenance:

  • Power washing preserves the surface. Cleaning your home exterior removes dirt and external contaminants from the building surface. It also helps to prevent molding of the exterior of a building.
  • Power washing Extends the life of caulks and sealant. 
Cleaning your building exterior regularly is less costly than a major refurbishment of caulking & sealant. The safe cleaning of a building protects and enhances the existing caulk and sealant lifting mold, mildew and dirt off the surface.
  • Power washing keeps your home looking great.
Homeowners sometimes have forgotten what the original surface looked like.
  • A clean house is a good investment. It’s better and healthier place to live.
If you are selling your house, a dirty one is hard to sell. Remember that the first impression is always the most important impression. After power washing, your house appearance will be improved and it will be more attractive to
potential buyers.

There’s a Right Way and a Wrong Way to Clean Your Building 
Choose Stratton Home Improvement for your power washing needs.

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